Tuesday, June 6, 2017

TED Talk

In the Ted Talk video, "Enough With The Fear Of Fat" Kelli Jean Drinkwater, confronts the public about what their thought on bigger people are. She talks about herself and how being confident has made her feel better and stronger. She says, by advocating for self-determination and respect for all of us, we can shift society's reluctance to embrace diversity and start to celebrate the myriad ways there are to have a body. 

"The Surprising Science of Happiness"

The findings and arguments that Dan Gilbert depicts are that people are most likely to want "Synthetic Happiness" than "Real Happiness" because of popular beliefs. All people care about in the world is popularity. They want to fit in just like others. The problem is that being popular and wanting that popularity in their lives means that they are mostly going to be unhappy. Unhappiness is something that most people are and they think with being cool in the world it's going to change that and their emotions are going to change but that's not quite how it works.

Reflecting On Hope

Hope is having a feeling or expectation or desire for a certain thing to occur. I think that hope comes from within you and the people around you. When you are going through something or want a certain thing to happen really bad you hope that it comes true or that it happens for you. I think that Hope can be restored by believing that it will come true and having that thought in your mind that keeps saying "I won't give up" I hope that it will happen. I think friends, friends, and music gives me hope. Seeing what they can accomplish and do amazing things make me want to do those things as well and they give me the hope to do so.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


To me happiness means seeing the people around me happy. Seeing my friends and family smile with joy. Getting to enjoy the things that I love with others such as eating, watching movies or shows on Netflix, and going to church. When people are kind and nice to me that make me happy. Seeing people helping the world and being generous. Happiness can be whatever you want it to be. It describes who you are if you are a happy or unhappy person. Being happy is a thing that most people don't have but that most people want. It is very challenging to be happy. With struggles in the world it is very hard to stay in a good mood weather its from a job, family and friends, school. Everything is challenging but it all depends on a person if they want to stay in a happy mood and overcome the obstacle or if they want to be upset and go through something alone and empty hearted. People need other people surrounding them to be joyful. Its hard to be happy when you don't have anybody to be happy with. Being happy is a very difficult task but once acquired it is great feeling to have.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Self Control

To me, self control is the act of staying calm in a situation that is difficult. It means to not over react over small little things that may happen and to keep your emotions on the down low. I am a person who has a lot of self control. When a rough situation comes my way I try to ignore it and if that's not possible I stay calm and try not to have a big reaction. Many people's self control is really low. They freak out about everything around them even if the situation has nothing to do with them. They scream, yell, and get mad at everyone and everything. You can also say people who have no self control are bipolar. An experience I recently had made my self control get better. It was in Spanish class. Me and 3 other classmates were supposed to be working on a day of the dead project that was due very soon. Most of the people in my group would slack off and leave me to do all of the work. It got me really mad that they would be getting credit for something that they didn't even do. I stayed calm and quietly talked to them about the situation. They agreed that what they were doing wasn't right and they apologized. It made me feel really good because instead of screaming and bursting out with anger, I calmly talked to them which helped my self control and that makes me a better person.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My Life As A Reader

Image result for book transparent clip artAs a reader my life is not that exciting. I don't read a lot so that makes me slow at reading once in a while. When I do read I read at school during my classes like English or History. I like reading but not a lot at once. Not reading affects me because it may take me a long time to read a book or an article that we annotate. Reading is fun when I have the perfect book. Looking for a good book is hard to find which is why I don't read often. With a good book and a lot of time to spare, my reading skills could go up and I could learn how to read more and enjoy it.

My Favorite Place

One of my favorite places to go to or to be in is my house. Before walking into my house you see the front yard filled with trees, flowers, and many types of plants. When coming inside through the front door you may think it looks kind of elegant. It is filled with pictures on the wall, candles, and a lot decorations like inside plants, fireplace, and couches. Throughout the house there is decor all around. Weather its candles and silver elephants or rocks and tiny seashells, the house is filled all over. My house is one of my favorite places because it is where I am most of my time. I watch the television, eat, and sleep. Its a very comfortable place to be and is very calm and relaxing when I need to do my homework. In the backyard there is a bunch of space where me and my brother can play soccer, use our bikes, or simply just hang out. It is somewhere I like to be because it is something that I can call my own.
                                                                                           Image result for transparent house with yard clip art